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Baguette Express “fresh and healthy food and drinks”.

The Baguette Express franchise is well known throughout the UK.
Here in Dundee Tayside, there are two very successful outlets run by Mohammed Asif, one in the Overgate Shopping Complex and the other in The Murraygate pedestrian precinct.
This is another project where we are working in tandem (alongside) with Vertex Ltd, Shopfitting, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Arbroath. Our task was to Brand a clean white chiller unit into a “Baguette Express” display.
The before and after show the complete transformation and what can be achieved by clever design implemented in practical print and graphics application by our skilled staff.
Once we had prepared various layout design visuals, the final approved design was created by using a mix of coloured vinyl to produce a green background, the more tricky areas were spray painted to matching colour Lettering and logo details were printed, laminated and contour cut. The complete unit looks very sharp and certainly should not be missed!
This is a prototype unit which is to be installed into a local Gym, the hope is that the chiller will be so successful that they can be installed in other similar situations throughout the country, we hope so!