Ramsay Ladders WebVideo of Loft Ladder Installation

Ramsay Ladders continue to develop their online marketing and have seen great increases in traffic numbers to their two sites since the Summer. The latest piece of work in this investment in online services is the addition of another WebVideo. This time the WebVideo shows a Loft Ladder being installed by one of the company's skilled fitters using Time Lapse photography techniques. A job that normally takes between 1 and 2 hours on average to complete is presented to the viewer in just over a minutes running time. The WebVideo is backed by a "tongue in cheek" piece of music chosen for it's similarity to the Mission Impossible theme and compliments the pace of the movie. The Loft Ladder is shown fitted in record time - Definitely Mission Possible. To see Ramsay's full range of Ladders and Loft Ladders go to